Ongoing Peer Study Groups

NEW STUDY GROUP – Hyde Park  Contact Theresa Gregoire, PsyD –,

Peer study groups are one of the most effective ways of maintaining, upgrading, and refining our therapeutic awareness and skills.

Study groups vary in:

• Focus on cases and/or readings:  some are primarily cases groups, some are primarily readings groups, and some try to balance readings and cases.

• Psychoanalytic/psychodynamic focus:  Group focus may be more traditionally analytic, more contemporarily analytic, or a combination, and may be more or less open to psychodynamic contributions outside psychoanalysis per se.

• Requirements of members:  Member requirements may vary for any group, for example, some groups admit only practicing therapists who have current cases to present.  Members must be CAPP members (see below under “Fees”).

• Group culture: Every group has its own microculture and facilitation style.

• Being open or closed to new members at any given time.

No group is a good match for all members, any more than there is a “one size fits all” therapy.

Current Groups:

There are three Evanston groups:

• A Friday morning group meets monthly, and focuses primarily on cases, with occasional readings/cd listening. This group is currently closed. Contact Jay Einhorn, 8472123259,

• A Tuesday morning group, meeting monthly, focusing about equally on cases and readings. This group is currently closed. Contact David Rakofsky, PhD  –,

• A Saturday morning group, meeting monthly, focusing about 1/2 and 1/2 on readings and cases. Contact: Zahava Davidson at This group is currently open to new members.

• Another study group meets monthly on Sunday afternoons and alternates between Evanston and loop locations. This group is a mixed readings and cases group, and focuses on both neurocognitive and psychodynamic material; so it is nicknamed “Both Feet on the Ground.” Facilitated by Jay Einhorn.

• The Hinsdale group is CAPPs most venerable group. It meets monthly (except during the summer) on a Sunday morning and is a case consultation group. The group adds an additional meeting approximately every 6 weeks to discuss readings. This group is currently closed.


There is no charge for study group participation, but CAPP membership is required.  Non-CAPP members may try out a study group for up to three sessions on a trial basis, but must become CAPP members in order to continue.

CAPP’s Chair of Peer Study Groups is Jay Einhorn. Contact Jay for more general or specific information:, 8472123259.