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Welcome to our Chicago Therapist Search service. This is a free service provided to the public by our organization. Our members are licensed professionals who practice independently as part of their own solo practice or part of a group practice, and are not employed by CAPP (see our terms & conditions).  All the therapists represented on this site engage in psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy; some may also practice psychoanalysis.  Therapists’ styles, structure of practice and fees vary.  For the most successful experience, it is important to find the therapist who fits best with you.

The psychodynamic/psychoanalytic approach helps the individual to explore, understand and create new meaning from both conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings, experiences, and behaviors. This approach is highly individualized.  Each therapeutic pair carves out a unique relationship and course of treatment. This complex process evolves to reach beyond symptom relief to repair internal wounds and restore growth at the core of one’s self in the safety of a compassionate therapeutic space.

For more information about psychoanalytic/psychodynamic therapy, click here.

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