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Welcome to CAPP
The Chicago Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology provides professionals and students a place to widen and enrich their current knowledge of, and experience with psychoanalytic ideas including psychoanalytic/psychodynamic theory, research, and practice. We are a unique network of professionals of all levels of experience joined together in a learning community independent of any formal training programs. Through various educational, social, and consultative programs, CAPP works to explore and promote the theories and practice of psychoanalytic thought as it has evolved throughout the past century. Since Freud’s initial discoveries of the unconscious and the dynamics of our internal life, psychoanalysis has broadened and deepened its base for comprehending the human condition.

Psychoanalysis now encompasses several schools of thought that, while remaining reverent to their roots in the classical tradition, integrate modern conceptualizations of the complexities of human development and the roots of human suffering. Additionally, a growing interactive dialogue with other scientific disciplines and the fine arts further informs and is informed by psychoanalytic ideas. Yet, as broad as our field has become, we are defined by our aspirations for a depth of understanding and psychological impact. All professionals and students with a curiosity about or investment in the breadth and depth of psychoanalytic thought and practice are welcome to join the CAPP community.

CAPP Statement in Support of the People of the Ukraine

The members of CAPP Council would like to express our heart felt sadness about the people who are suffering atrocities in Ukraine, in addition to the refugees who have had to flee from their homes. CAPP is concerned about the Russian military invasion of Ukraine and the agonizing humanitarian crisis in the Eastern European region.

War is undoubtedly a violation of human rights, with deep devastating effects on both psychological and physical well-being. CAPP is also concerned about the long-term effects of war-based trauma and the psychological effects on individuals, families, and communities. These actions violate our ethical values and core beliefs as Psychologists, Counselors, and Psychoanalysts guided by values of dignity, physical and emotional safety and security, and the right to self-determination and autonomy. We put forth the contention that the war needs to cease immediately and the full withdrawal of the Russian military needs to take place.

We stand by our brave Ukrainian colleagues to continue their strong investment in their patients as they work to sustain humanity and peace as these atrocities occur.

There are several organizations working with those impacted by the war including:

Razom for Ukraine: https://razomforukraine.org/about-us/

IARPP Ukrainian Psychotherapist Relief Fund: https://iarpp.memberclicks.net/IARPPUkraineSupport#/

https://voices.org.ua/en/  (This organization provides psychological and psychosocial support to the children affected by the war).

Thank you!

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