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Past president's message

Past President’s Message: Notes on Important Changes and Goals for our Future
By Donna Mahoney, Ph.D.  

It is with much enthusiasm that I introduce myself to you and share some important changes that the members of CAPP Council and I plan to implement in the coming year. CAPP is setting out to expand our reach by increasing connections within the psychoanalytic community, hosting enlivening discussions and programming events that are stimulating and engaging. A priority initiative is increasing awareness of the multiple dimensions of psychoanalysis (including its integration with neurobiological and multicultural models), while retaining the core elements of psychoanalytic thought (i.e., Classical, Object Relations, Self Psychology, and Relational Theory).  Our emphasis also remains on the application of psychoanalysis to the problems of living, in general and in clinical contexts.

In an effort to increase our connections to the community, some of the changes that CAPP plans to make revolve around updating our website, including the Therapist Finder; increasing our social media presence, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter; developing a newsletter; and partnering with graduate schools and psychoanalytic training institutions. Our central aim is to reach new members of the community, those who are beginning their careers or the recent graduates, along with those who are seasoned professionals, and those who have been teaching and practicing for a number of years. In the context of offering mentorship and advanced learning opportunities, several study groups are being considered. Please visit our website (capp.chicago.org) to find out more details regarding our current programs and study groups, and through the listserv emails (capp-chicago-org@googlegroups.com) to our membership.

As a member of CAPP Council for several years, and in the current role of President, my passion and commitment to psychoanalysis has increased exponentially; the programming offered by CAPP embodies the depth and breadth of issues related to early development, significant attachments, and the subjective experiences of the clients that we are honored to work with. During these profoundly uncertain and fragmented times, I am reminded of Kohut’s reference to empathy and its capacity to reconsolidate the self. “Empathy”, according to Kohut, “is the capacity to think and feel oneself into the inner life of another.” These empathic connections characterize the deep and enduring connections that develop through a psychoanalytically-informed process. With this notion in mind, members of CAPP Council and I will reach out to you to establish these lasting connections as we exchange ideas and strengthen our sense of community.

I consider myself honored to work with the members of CAPP Council, and greatly look forward to meeting all of you who will be in attendance at our programs and study groups. CAPP is strengthened by your continued involvement and support.

Donna Mahoney, Ph.D.

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