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June 01, 2024 The Dignity of the Patient's Freedom: Countertransference and the Importance of Respect with Peter Shabad, Ph.D.
February 23, 2024 Escaping from Pain: Clinical, Psychoanalytic, Ethical, Legal, and Risk Management Considerations in Working with Suicidal and Potentially Violent Clients
November 12, 2023 Working with Persecutory Guilt and Shame: Theory and Technique
June 26, 2023 What Cures in Psychotherapy? Part 2: The Kleinian Vision
May 15, 2023 What Cures in Psychotherapy? Part 1: The Freudian Vision
March 12, 2023 SOLD OUT: Working with Depressive and Self-Defeating Clients
November 12, 2022 Lecture 3: Working with Images in the Clinic of Autism
September 25, 2022 Trauma and Illusion
September 10, 2022 Is Tragic Man Guilty? Are psychoanalytic perspectives on guilt still relevant in the “culture of narcissism“?
August 27, 2022 Lecture II: Autism and the Voice
July 16, 2022 Lecture 1: Rethinking Autism as a Mode-of-Being
May 15, 2022 Speaking the Unspeakable: Psychoanalysis, Class, Race, and Gender
April 03, 2022 Towards Cultural Competence in Clinical Practice: A Journey through Music, Psychology, Justice, and Meaning-Making
February 11, 2022 Ethics and Technology: Are We More Alone and Less Connected Than Ever Before (or Vice Versa)?
December 04, 2021 Careers In Mental Health: A Panel Discussion
June 19, 2021 BEYOND THE PAIN: An Introduction to MindBody Conditions & Treatment
March 21, 2021 Understanding and Supporting Girls with Autism
February 21, 2021 Phantasy, Dreaming and Awakening in Psychoanalysis
July 12, 2020 Psychoanalysis & Autism: A Multidisciplinary Approach
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