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BEYOND THE PAIN: An Introduction to MindBody Conditions & Treatment

  • June 19, 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom Webinar


An Introduction to MindBody Conditions & Treatment

The pain is real. But it is learned (and it can be unlearned).

Pain, fatigue, and sickness symptoms continue to be some of the most mysterious and hard to treat conditions in sufferers of all ages. Sigmund Freud himself began his work addressing the roots of these conditions, which later became the bedrock of psychoanalysis. Over 100 years later, the medical and psychological landscapes continue to wrestle with chronic pain conditions. 

In the 1970s, Dr. John Sarno recognized that the origins of back pain were not structural, but instead rooted in the unexpressed emotional reservoir that individuals carry within them. He began treating individuals from a psychological perspective and watched as peoples’ lives were transformed. Now there is a burgeoning field of researchers and healers addressing the epidemic of pain with expertise in the neuroscience of trauma and learned patterns of communication between the brain and body.


Please join Dan Ratner, Psy.D. in a presentation on the experience and treatment of Mind Body conditions, which will explore the misconceptions of chronicity and the origins of pain, as well as how to help people transform their experience from stuckness.

Dan is a pain psychologist specializing in work with sufferers with mind body conditions ranging from debilitating back pain to more widespread pain and fatigue syndromes. He is a former sufferer, suffering from a 8 years of debilitating back pain, with years of experience in the field of mind body medicine. He has developed a model that has proved effective in curing hundreds of individuals from mind body issues. He has created his company, Crushing Doubt, and runs the Crushing Doubt podcast to answer all questions and eliminate all doubt that this form of suffering can be no longer managed, but cured. He can be found at www.CrushingDoubt.org


This presentation will be moderated by Daniel Atkins, Psy.D. 

Daniel was trained as a clinical psychologist and now specializes as a Mind Body Consultant guiding individuals through the Mind Body Experience.

He is a former sufferer, having been previously diagnosed with the label of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome leading to a 10 year healing journey to become free of such labels and reconnect to his power and truth. Daniel uses his personal and professional experience to guide individuals through mind body suffering and to aid them in their discovery of who they were meant to be - from roots of stuckness to branches of freedom. He has trained with Dr. Ratner in his Crushing Doubt model and has been a guest on the Crushing Doubt podcast to share his healing journey and the way he works with others.

Daniel Atkins can emailed at DrDanielAtkins@gmail.comwww.DrDanielAtkins.com

Here is the episode that Daniel Atkins went on Crushing Doubt with Dr. Dan Ratner

Defeating Chronic Fatigue and Becoming Powerful

The three hour presentation will include three 45-minute lectures with three 15-minute Q&A sessions. 


June 19th, 2021, 10AM - 1PM CST

Zoom Webinar (see registration for link details and recording availability)


CAPP members: $75

Non-members: $100

Students: $50

Professionals (Master's Level Social Workers, Professional Counselors, and LMFT's, and Psy.D.'s) can receive 3 CE Credits for attending.

Co-sponsored by Crushing Doubt

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