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interested in joining?

CAPP welcomes all students and professionals interested in belonging to a network of individuals pursuing educational, social, and professional experiences within a psychoanalytic community. You can become a new member or renew your existing membership on-line by moving your mouse to the “Interested in Joining” tab above, and then clicking “CAPP Member Registration.” You can then click on the appropriate level of membership.

For questions or concerns, you contact us at: support@cappchicago.org or by phone at 312 372-6376.

why should students join?

Joining CAPP is an excellent way for students to learn more about psychoanalytic psychology and to meet others who share these perspectives on human development and functioning. CAPP membership also fosters connections between individuals who otherwise might not have the opportunity to meet, including providing students the opportunity to meet practicing clinicians who often serve as role models and mentors. The organization also provides opportunities to meet graduate students enrolled in other clinical psychology or social work program in Chicago.

How do students benefit from attending CAPP events?

In addition to the reasons stated above, the educational programs offer students a forum to expand their understanding of psychoanalytic psychology beyond the walls of the classroom. Attending educational programs is an activity that advances professional development in a variety of ways:

  • It provides the opportunity to meet prominent figures in the field as they deliver their papers or case presentations.
  • CAPP social functions foster networking between students and experienced clinicians and peers in a less formal atmosphere.

What other ways can students participate in CAPP?

Students who join CAPP will be on the mailing list and thus informed of all social and educational events. In addition to attending the monthly continuing education meetings, bi-annual conferences, and social events, students can also volunteer to serve on the various committees.

What programs or events are geared towards students?

All CAPP programming is designed with students as well as practicing clinicians in mind. There is additional programming designed specifically to meet the needs of the student members. This has included a monthly student professional development group and student email list. Future programming may involve helping students interested in psychoanalytic psychology navigate the practicum application process.


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